illustration by Stephanie Lesniak

illustration by Stephanie Lesniak

by Andrea Gardner
illustration by Stephanie Lesniak

Looking for a place to eat in La Verne? Pick one: you’ve got 52 choices. What about a haircut? You have your choice of 40 salons.

Maybe you are going on a date? Well, there is one movie theater, two florists, two banks and even one dating service, in case you have not found someone to go with yet. It is called HYE Connections, and it is a correspondence dating service. Giving them a call might just get you out of the house.

Perhaps it is time to remodel your home. You have 72 different construction contractors to choose from, as well as 11 different interior designers with whom to speak.

But what if you need more than a room addition built? Maybe you need a grandstand for a thousand of your closest friends. If so, you can place a call to Mike Brown Grandstands in La Verne. Mike Brown’s company has built grandstands and stages for prominent events, including the Olympics, a Rolling Stones concert and the Rose Parade. The company also helps with local events, such as the San Dimas Rodeo and University of La Verne functions.

If you want to escape the city of La Verne, there are six different travel agencies that can help you. What about a road trip? First, you will need to fill up in La Verne from one of five different gas stations.

Fishing trip? There is even a fishing gear store in La Verne. It is called End of the Line, and specializes in fly fishing gear and accessories for both the tackle box and the adventurer. End of the Line owner Jeff Hensley says his business started as a hobby, but is now “like a dream job” because it is truly something he is passionate about. End of the Line specializes in reels and flies for fly fishing. It also has supplies for making your own artificial insects. Hensley meets many fly fishermen through his business and can also share many secrets of the sport for a successful fishing expedition.

Now if the great outdoors translates to your backyard, do not fear. La Verne has nine different landscape companies, three different nurseries and six pool services. If you are working on your patio, you could try companies like Cathy’s Cottage, which makes patio furniture or Payless Patio, which specializes in patio construction.

Want to plan a party? There are five different party planning and party supply companies. There is also one catering company and even one balloon decorating company.

Is there something broken lying around the house? Fourteen different machine repair companies reside in La Verne. Bowlers Edge Pro Shop will repair your bowling ball. Is a nail broken? You can be helped by one of 14 manicurists. Is the car making a funny sound? Take your pick of 28 different auto repair and part stores.

What about your airplane? Choose from one of 10 aircraft repair companies. One is called Howard Aviation. Howard is located at Brackett Airport and specializes in repair and inspections of small aircraft. Howard Aviation has three repairmen and two assistants who inspect and repair planes and equip them with updated avionics. They even do oil changes.

Or maybe it is time to start a new hobby. Do you like art? Stop by the 17 different art and hobby stores. Are you interested in dance? There is one dance studio. Want to pick up a new instrument? There are five different places you can get a music lesson in La Verne.

These are just a few of the different ways businesses in the city of La Verne can help you find what you are looking for.

A list of all of the 1,019 registered businesses in the city can be obtained from the La Verne Chamber of Commerce. For every need, hobby and appetite, La Verne businesses are open for service, ringing up purchases, cooking up orders and shipping off merchandise.

So as you finish this article and remember the various errands left to run, remember your choices in the city of La Verne.

Oh, there are 11 different dry cleaners, eight grocery stores, one car wash and two laundromats. If these are not first on your list, there are also four massage therapists, five delightful bakeries and more than 50 restaurants that would love your business.