by Melinda Dilwicius
Editor in Chief

Thinking back on these memories, it seems forever they have been in my heart and mind. These words from a song by “Seventen” are so true, “Everyone stores memories in their hearts and minds.” We remember things not just because we choose to, but because they were significant enough to make an imprint in our lives.

There are always those memories that bring back that warm fuzzy feeling, and those that send a chill through your spine, but, nevertheless, they are there forever. It seems that since the Sept. 11 attack on the United States, our memories have been forever changed. They now are blackened by the ash and smoke that rises above the New York cityscape. But, just because one horrible memory takes up a large chunk of our minds, that does not mean we cannot make more room for the happy ones.

I was married this last September. It was 11 days after the world seemed to stop turning that I tied the knot. The memories of the ash-smudged faces of firemen and police officers flooded my mind only days before my wedding. I was determined to have a successful day, including laughter, joy and tears. It would be the way any wedding should be.

My memory contains a blissful white dress, a vibrant array of flowers and a flood of emotions. The day I married my husband, Sept. 22, 2001, was the happiest day of my life. Sept. 11, 2001, was the saddest. My birthday soon came after. I wondered why. The month of September had now become so much more important to me. I will always remember it as the time when I had tears of pain and tears of joy-my worst memory and my best.

Although the world may have stood still that day, it will always remain in our hearts, minds and prayers. Those who were lost will be forever mourned, and those who gave their life in serving others’ needs will forever be remembered.

It is the memory of those who have prevailed who should stay firm in our minds. The memory of how the nation pulled together and each person held a hand, wiped a tear or lent a shoulder for comfort should be at the forefront. It is the pleasant memories that we should linger on; the ones we share by a fireside or on a summer night’s walk.

Memories are forever dear to us. We make them unknowingly and keep them for when we might need them again. Always remember that your heart and mind hold the key. Happiness just gives it a little turn.