Author: Eric Borer

1946: LVC Post-War Era Beginning

Fifty years ago marked the beginning of the post war era. There was no ivy clinging to the walls of Founders Hall; instead, it covered the whole exterior of Miller Hall, an all women dormitory.

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6-9 a.m.: Coffee, Crows and Commuting

Damp air and a still coolness stalk silently around the University of La Verne campus. With less than half an hour until sunrise, the University starts to yawn and blink her eyes. It is just the beginning of another day, but already there is activity, and people are busy on campus.

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From the Editor

The scene can be repeated over and over again, as if it were a vision in a crystal ball and an old, wise gypsy lady were watching. The campus is quiet until students, faculty and staff arrive to spend another day in a place that is so familiar, yet unknown.

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