Writer: Amy Babin

The Truth is Up There

From across the globe, a diverse group of people gather each summer to hike Mt. Baldy. For them, Baldy is no ordinary mountain, and theirs is not a typical hike—more a pilgrimage to the top of what stands above them as a holy giant.

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New Hope, New Lives

On Oct. 28, 1987, Tami and Don Slawson celebrated the premature arrival of their son Jacob into the world. It did not matter that he was a month early, as long as he was healthy. Like any first-time parents, they checked to make sure he had all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.

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Out of the Ashes

It was a scene from an early 1900s era drama. With no phones, no way to get to the nearest hospital and no doctor for miles, Erica Henderson had no choice—she had to give birth to baby Abigail in her living room May 2003.

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