Writer: Amy Borer

ASF Forum: Supporting Student Life

Freshman John McFarland had a vision in 1970 of turning the existing form of student body government at the University of La Verne, led by a single president, into a legislative forum of 12 equal peers.

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1956: Building Ties That Bond

Beach day… the Krankers Club… a mud roll… the Home Economics Club… pajama rallies. University of La Verne students today would not recognize even one of these campus activities; yet to the students of La Verne College 40 years ago, these comprised student life.

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Noon-3 p.m.: Committing to Routine

An oddly calm atmosphere surrounds Davenport Dining Hall and its adjoining patio. Though it is noon, intimate groups of two to three students cluster the dining areas instead of crowding the room.

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