Writer: Chrissy Zehrbach

She Plays Ball Like a Girl

When softball became an Olympic sport in the 1996 Games, it gave girls a new opportunity. It was an advancement in female sports from which new stars emerged, showcasing their talents and, in the process, becoming an inspiration to younger players.

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Keeping Kellogg’s Promise

In the late 1920s, silver screen legends and heartthrobs such as Gary Cooper and Clara Bow flocked to a stable to ride and take pictures with a small herd of elegant Arabian horses. Appearing in many films of the time, the beautiful beasts were stars themselves.

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Shopping for a Cause

Bag of pretzels, 15 cents. Tub of frosting, 50 cents. Jar of pasta sauce, 99 cents. Bar of soap, 50 cents. Can of soup, 59 cents. And that is just the beginning.

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