Writer: Christie Reed

Businesses Return to Home-Sweet-Home

Imagine faxing in pajamas, doing payroll over a cup of coffee and taking business calls while making the children cereal. That can be the typical morning for La Verne business owners who choose a home business.

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Racing Hamsters and Teachers’ Pets

When a customer walks into Foothill Aquatics and Pets, she will get a nostril full of rabbits, dog food and salt water, all combined into one, and still be able to hear birds chirping from the back of the store. That is what this unique store has to offer to the city of La Verne.

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Cessnas and Celebrities: Brackett Lands Big-Time Stars With Rural Setting

Whiskey, gin, vodka and an exotic assortment of beers lined the shelves that once held paper gliders and model airplane kits. In less than a day, the quaint shop that the local pilots had grown to depend on through the years for that last minute quart of oil or chart had disappeared, only to be replaced with a makeshift bar and a bartender who stood ready to mix drinks.

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