Writer: Ian Gratz

Making the Home Grade With Mom

Alarm clocks ring, water rushes out of the shower nozzle, and the aroma of burnt toast lingers in the kitchen. In a last minute effort, a child searches for his favorite T-shirt to wear to school, while his father looks for a misplaced set of car keys.

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A Route Runs Through It

Traffic moving at a snail’s pace. Diesel trucks carrying cargo through town. Drivers, running late, blaring their horns in road rage fits. Police officers pulling over speeding motorists. Sounds familiar, does it not?

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Thirty Days to Make It

As children in suburbia lay their heads down to sleep in a warm bed and have Dr. Seuss stories read to them, four not so fortunate children desperately look out of the windows of a Pinto, wondering where they will sleep for the night.

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