Writer: Jason Cooper

Shopping for a Cause

Bag of pretzels, 15 cents. Tub of frosting, 50 cents. Jar of pasta sauce, 99 cents. Bar of soap, 50 cents. Can of soup, 59 cents. And that is just the beginning.

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The University’s Parking Maze

“It is just so frustrating; I feel like it is just a waste of my money!” This statement comes from Danielle Vernetti, 21, after realizing she received yet another parking ticket while parked near the corner of B Street and Bonita Avenue adjacent to the University of La Verne campus.

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Home Economics: The Lost Art

Leola Ott looks like the typical grandmother. She has snowflake hair, shiny blue eyes that sparkle with her warm smile, and pale pink lipstick adds a special touch, matching her carefully chosen delicate butterfly-wing earrings.

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How the Lieutenant Helped the Bandit

In an otherwise peaceful town, sheltered by the serenity of its orange groves and the passivity of the 1950s, the city of La Verne neighbored the site of a reckless weekly clash of speed between two steel-framed gladiators.

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