Writer: Julia Carachure

The College Doctor Who Kept ULV Healthy

The game is going strong on the football field, with its players giving everything that they have. Suddenly, a La Verne College player is down on the field. A doctor walks to the field with his black medical bag in one hand.

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Orange Picking Season

Oranges adorn the trees like Christmas decorations. Smudge pots that used to heat the oranges on cold nights now sit unused beneath the trees. A thermometer hangs nearby on a post, indicating the temperature that was once crucial in making sure the oranges would not freeze and remained in good condition before being shipped around the world.

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Remembering Kelly

December is a time to celebrate the holidays; a time to relax and be with your family after enduring final exams. For most people, it is a time to be grateful for the things that you have in life and to appreciate them with your loved ones.

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