Writer: Liz Lucsko

Fighting to Save Their World

In a matter of minutes, lives changed forever. Memories, dreams and plans for the future melted away. It was more than just “stuff” that was lost. It was years of hard work; It was a way of life. In only a few minutes, San Dimas Canyon changed.

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The Man Expected to Make Change

At first glance the man behind the desk has a look of determination in his sharp dark eyes. His demeanor could easily be associated with a CEO in business. He speaks slowly and decisively, carefully choosing his words. This is no rookie; this is a veteran educator who has already established himself.

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Living a Life of Music

Oct. 21, 2002, blossomed into a beautiful autumn day; the afternoon brought families, lovers and friends out to Bridges Hall of Music on the Pomona College campus to seek a special celebration; it was the opening performance for the Claremont Symphony Orchestra’s 50th Anniversary.

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