Writer: Michael P. Bailey

His Dream is Still Alive

I was in deep depression, burnt out as a corporate executive. I needed to make a career change, but what could I pursue? Then I remembered what my high school history teacher wrote in my yearbook: “Good luck in your coaching career.”

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Making Masterpiece Signs Out of Metal

A gigantic, fabricated aluminum foot towers above the exterior entrance of the Nickelodeon headquarters in Burbank. In downtown Los Angeles, Arco Towers has more than 1,000 different room number, name piece and restroom signs. The upcoming aquarium in Long Beach consists of multiple evacuation maps mounted on the interior walls.

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‘Mexicans on Fridays Only’

“It was the coldest water you have ever been in. Man, it was cold!” For Pete Morales, ice cold water is but one of many memories that flood back when he looks at the Ganesha Park Pool.

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