Writer: Nila Priyambodo

Dancing Her Way Through Life

“Swing right with your partner,” a contra dance caller yells. The men, holding the women in a waltz-like position begin to twirl their partners around with their poofy skirts. “Then do-ci-do with the one you know,” the caller continues. The couples walk around their partners, passing each other over their right shoulders. “Clomp!” Everyone stomps in unity on the wooden floors every fourth beat throughout the dance.

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From the Editor…

Many of us barely make it through our days without drowning ourselves in coffee. And I must admit that there are some days where I need caffeine to make it through work, my night classes and life itself. But caffeine can only take me so far.

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The Man Behind the Courier

The desk is seemingly covered with the work products of countless deadlines, from previous issues of the Courier to important notes and writers’ stories. This desk is home to 72 year-old Martin Weinberger, editor and publisher of the Claremont Courier.

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