Writer: Reina Santa Cruz

No Parachute Necessary

Time remaining on the clock, five, four, three, two and before my feet could reach the door, it sucked me in and had its way with me. In what looked like a giant fish tank, for a solid two minutes, my weightless body was flung around like a sad little rag doll. I was free falling and falling fast. Trust me when I say that indoor skydiving is no joke. The experience gives new meaning to the term adrenaline rush.

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Now You’re Cooking With Class

The pain is searing. Sure you’ve had a great meal, each course more succulent than the last, but the price tag is beyond comprehension. You cannot help but wonder how on God’s green earth you wound up paying more than $100 for a simple dinner for two.

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The Transit Trial of the Century

Admit it: the doomsayers were right. Our assumption that gas would always be cheap, and that public transportation would always be the domain of the disabled, the impoverished and the car-hating “ecovangelists” of the world has passed its expiration date. The cost gap, if not the speed and efficiency gaps, between private automobiles and public buses and trains, is finally beginning to close.

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It’s All American to Them

Twenty-year-old Daniela Ali came from Albania to Greece to study at the University of La Verne, Athens Campus. She arrived two days before the first day of classes, but she did not receive a warm welcome. “When we walked into the classroom and saw the professor, he said, ‘What the f – – – are you doing here!’ And he told us to go to the auditorium to hear the sad news,” she says. She heard, “La Verne collapsed,” and the ULV main campus was blamed.

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Pictures, Performers and Punks

An older gentleman, with slicked-back hair, a boxy leather jacket and aviator sunglasses, admires the array of vintage cars lining the street. Androgynous post-punk enthusiasts, wearing skin-tight tapered jeans and dangling cigarettes from their lips, sit on a concrete bench in a grassy area.

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So You Want to Get Away?

It is cold in Mt. Baldy at this time of year. The kind of cold that makes your nose run and your hands wish you had not forgotten your gloves. But hiking up to the San Antonio Falls soon makes you forget that, and the cold air becomes a refreshing tonic like a splash of cold water on a hot day.

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Riding the Rails of the Past

Imagine sitting in a beautifully furnished plush red velvet seating area, not having to worry about who is sitting next to you, as we do so many times when we fly. Imagine looking out the window and seeing buffalo roam the plains of the great West.

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Dancing Her Way Through Life

“Swing right with your partner,” a contra dance caller yells. The men, holding the women in a waltz-like position begin to twirl their partners around with their poofy skirts. “Then do-ci-do with the one you know,” the caller continues. The couples walk around their partners, passing each other over their right shoulders. “Clomp!” Everyone stomps in unity on the wooden floors every fourth beat throughout the dance.

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